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Hello, I created this site www.sourceforopensource.com to store my research for future reference. I believe that writing and discussing about any topic with others will make us to see the topic in next level, in this blog I like to address about open source technologies and how to use those in real time. I am an full-stack developer which I mainly work on Java related technologies. I think the audience for this blog is developers who are willing to learn opensource technologies and those who want to update their knowledge on topics which I publish, and developers who need proof of concepts on technology integrations and real usage of them. I will discuss mainly about development of big scale enterprise applications in Java and related technologies.

Balakrishna Pendyala

Author: Balakrishna Pendyala

Balakrishna is a Software Engineer working in Media Streaming Domain, and also worked on Banking and Health Care domains. His areas of interest include Object Oriented Design, SOLID Design principles, Restful Web Services and Open Source softwares including Spring, Spring Boot, and Hibernate.

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